“It was very surprising to be the winner of this amazing 4 week program. I confess that when I entered my name on the list I had no intent of winning it lol. In the past couple years I had gained so much weight and my discipline went down the drain. I tried so many times on my own to get back on track and it wasn’t working. My mind was already set that I wasn’t going to lose that weight I had put on and then it came this surprise that I was the winner.

Nathalia Skyped me on a Saturday morning and I confess that I thought I could lose a little weight but I never thought it was going to be in the way it’s happening. I did set my mind to take advantage of this giveaway to the fullest.

We talked about my life style and she wrote me a diet and I told her I wasn’t a breakfast person and she joked saying “let’s see how many days you can go without breakfast” I confess the third day after following the plan she set for me I was starving in the morning and she had to rewrite my dinner plan. It’s not easy at all. I’m not a big sweets person and when I started this plan I wanted to eat sweets every single day.

The hardest part for me was cutting the soda. I confess I was 100% addicted to it. But talking to Nathalia, looking at other transformations and she helped people, looking at herself, and looking at the changes that are happening in me made me keep on going.

I wanted to cheat so many times and I keep reminding myself of Nathalia saying “It’s only 4 weeks, you can do that.” Seeing the changes in my body just makes me want to continue because I understood now that if I want to I can change not only my body but my lifestyle.

It’s doing me so good, it’s even affecting my mood. I can’t thank Nathalia enough for the motivation.”