My Story
From Morbid Obesity to Figure Competitor

When I reached a morbid obesity at 120kg (264.5lbs), with 50% body fat, I decided I would not subject myself to the title of “obese.” I would no longer use the excuse “I have a tendency” in relation to fat, or “I’m big boned.”

I decided I would not accept the damage I had done to myself. And to complicate matters further, not only did I decide to lose weight, but also wanted to become an athlete.

The First Video: Where it all Began

I began my weight loss journey on May 31st 2012.

That night I recorded a video to forever remember that moment and never look back.
The First 30 Kilos

I went to a clinic to be accompanied by a professional and was put on a strict diet. Six months later my goals began to change. I no longer wanted to be “lean”, but wanted to be fit, be an athlete.

I lost the first 20 kilos (44 lbs) with the help of the clinic and then looked for a professional in order to prepare for an obstacle course: the Spartan race.

During my 9 months of preparation with functional training I lost another 10 kilos (22 lbs)! But when the race was finished, I was not satisfied with the body I had.

So I decided to challenge myself once again with something even more extreme. I decided to look for a professional with experience in bodybuilding to transform my body and become a competitor.

Transformation into Fitness Competition

I knew if I really wanted the body of my dreams, I would have to get completely out of my comfort zone.

That’s when I found a professional bodybuilder, and I knew I would acquire the body of my dreams! And that’s exactly what happened!

I reached my goal and have participated in three competitions, ranking among the top 5.

Leaving My Job For a Mission

Today, I have yet another goal and have challenged myself even further. I decided to leave my job as an accountant to dedicate myself to encouraging others in their pursuit of a healthier life. I became an entrepreneur and I’m studying nutrition.

Today, SimplyNathalia is no longer a simple profile on social media, but a project to transform lives.

Here are some photos of my transformation: